Step back in time !
Included with your entrance ticket
Available in 7 langages
Starting October 21, the City of Avignon, Avignon Tourisme and the Histovery firm invite visitors to experience a unique discovery of the greatest Gothic palace in the world. The new Histopad guide shows the Palace of the Popes like you have never seen it before.

English Trailer - HistoPad Palais des Papes from HISTOVERY on Vimeo.

History enhanced with leading-edge technology and augmented reality:

The interactive Histopad is proposed to each person visiting the Palace and is included in the ticket price. Histopad uses augmented reality and 3-D technology that enhance your experience as you discover or rediscover many rooms of the Palace. Histopad is user-friendly, interactive, educational and fun.

9 major rooms

The Consistory, the Great Treasury, the Lower Treasury, the Papal Chamberlain’s room, the Grand South Tinel, the Grand North Tinel, the Upper Kitchen, the Robing Room, the Great Chapel. Nine major rooms are on the Histopad which shows them as they were in the 14th century. A real key to better understanding the Palace. See the original splendour of the interiors: floors, ceilings, wall hangings, furnishings, and food and drink. Visitors cross the gates of time and go back 8 centuries of history, finding themselves present at the time of the Popes!

One thousand Histopads!

The Palace of the Popes is the very first – and the only – monument in the world to propose the Histopad to all its visitors. This new guide is included in the price of the entrance ticket.

Scientifically-endorsed visit

The historical recreations developed by Histovery firm were scientifically prepared by a committee of experts that includes acknowledged medieval scholars under the auspices of Dominique Vingtain, Curator-in-chief of the Palace of the Popes. This committee accompanied and approved each step in the historical reconstitutions.

Guided visits in 7 languages, priceless frescoes and painted decors at your fingertips with geolocation!

Visitors can obtain detailed explanations in 7 languages at all times throughout their visit, and can better understand the paintings that are still visible on the walls in the Chamber of the Stag and the magnificent Saint Martial and Saint John Chapels. Use the interactive, geolocating map to orient yourself and guide your exploration at all times.

Fun for all!

Children and their families are invited on a Treasure Hunt. Coins struck with the image of the popes, hidden in 3-D objects that you can hold and handle, are scattered throughout the visit path. Open the hidden doors of a safe, lift up the exquisite dishes on the papal serving table as you look for them. A lively and fun way to visit the palace as you play with the whole family. The

Histopad is totally user-friendly and easily used by everyone including the younger crowd!

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