Les luminessences d'Avignon

The Palais des Papes: a historical gem set in all its glory beauty right in the heart of Europe
Every evening from 12 August to the 30 September
English performances 10:15 PM
Honnor Courtyard of the Popes' Palace
12 € / reduced 10 €
Seeing it in all its majesty, standing proud in the historical heart of Avignon, people often wonder: but what were popes doing here in Provence? Why did they leave the Roman hillsides to come to the banks of the Rhône? The monumental video projection, music and story-telling reveal the history of the building, the city and the region like never before. At the meeting of Europe’s great rivers, in the centre of old Avignon, come and experience an extraordinary 360° journey in time and space. For an unforgettable evening, on a unique and exceptional site: the cour d’Honneur of the Palais des Papes.

A voice rings out in the Palais des Papes.  It asks: Who are you? Yes you, great stone vessel, who are you? Answer me. An abiding witness throughout time, like a giant mineral, you still stand strong in unerring silence. But what surprising tales do you secretly house? What stories do you shelter within your walls and under your vaults?  What secrets do you hide within your seemingly enchanted sleep?

Anyone who thinks they know this place should think again. The Palace’s halls and mazes don’t give everything away, not even to the regular visitors. Behind its architecture and stone walls, a secular memory is concealed.  Before revealing its secrets, it beckons everyone to come along one evening, as the darkness swallows up the earth and starlight shines down from the sky.  Only then is it time to raise our heads and feel how small we are. And then, the moment comes when, in the depth of the night, the Palais des Papes finally responds:  “Here I am.  And here’s my story… ».