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The exhibition : 

Miss.Tic: To life, to love
Art in the city, poetics of revolt (1985 – 2022)

“Poet of the city and artist in the city, Miss.Tic is a pioneer of urban art and the French stencil movement. Active since the beginning of the 1980s, she has continued, for forty years, to hammer home the same ideas – no ideals / just lofty ideas, she writes.  

It is a true literary, plastic, societal and philosophical project that she inscribes on our walls with aerosol ink. She expresses her rage, her desires, her humor, her thirst for justice through a protean practice, within which the street will remain until the end the privileged place of a mode of expression, exhibition and popular education.  

Intimate and eminently political, his work exudes an air of revolt. Disappeared in May 2022 at the age of 66, Miss.Tic occupies a central place in an art history in the process of being written, to which this first monograph and posthumous exhibition intends to contribute.  

What could be more eloquent than the Palais des Papes, for those who never ceased to celebrate the poetic power of the place, to advocate the popular over the elite, to defy and transgress the established order? A final provocation, perhaps, a final snub to history and power, in a place of masculine, political, religious and military power that has become over the centuries a symbol of culture, spectacle and celebration. .” 

Camille Lévy-Sarfati 

* The exhibition is included in the entrance ticket to the Palais des Papes 

The artist: Miss.Tic 

Real name Radhia Aounallah, wife Novat, Miss.Tic was born in 1956 in Paris. Poet and visual artist, she is an essential figure in urban art. On walls and canvases, she expresses her rage, her desires and a constant struggle for freedom.  

Daughter of a Tunisian immigrant worker and a Norman mother from a peasant background, Miss.Tic spent her childhood in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, then in an HLM in Orly, in the Paris region. At the age of 10, she survived a car accident which cost the lives of her mother, her brother and her grandmother and left her with a lifelong disability in her right hand.  

At the age of 16, shortly after the death of her father, Miss.Tic left and joined an improvisation theater troupe, “Zéro de conduit”, then a street theater group, “Kumulus”. In the meantime, she escaped for two years to the west coast of the United States where she joined the punk scene, then traveled extensively in Central America and Southeast Asia.  

Back in Paris, Miss.Tic borrows her pseudonym from the character of the witch in the adventures of Scrooge and chooses the stencil as a mode of expression. At night, often solitary and anonymous for a long time, the artist shapes his legend in the city, at the risk of frequently finding himself in police custody – before definitively choosing legality in 1999.  

Miss.Tic died on May 22, 2022. She leaves behind a popular work at the heart of an art history in the process of being written which, more than ever, echoes the tremors our society is going through. 

His works have been exhibited in multiple personal and group exhibitions in France, Spain, Italy and Germany, and are the subject of numerous publications. Miss.Tic appears in several public collections, including the Fonds municipal d'art contemporain de Paris, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the MUCEM in Marseille and the Musée Ingres in Montauban.

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Guided tours

Guided tour every Saturday and Sunday at 15:00 p.m. from Saturday July 20, 2024 until the end of the exhibition.  

Full price: € 16.50   
Senior rate: €15.00  
Pass and reduced price: €14.00   
Free – 8 years old  

Information and reservations: or at

Educational visits with workshops

For schools in Greater Avignon and within the limits of available slots.   
Information and reservations: Cécile Bienfait –

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“Miss.Tic” bookstore and products 

Boutique of the Palace of the Popes 

Exhibition catalogue. Editions Speciwomen. 150 pages. 40€  

Special issue “Beaux-arts Magazine” 44 pages. 10€ 

Booklet for young audiences. 12 pages. €5 

Numerous derivative products around the world of Miss.Tic: exhibition poster and postcards, stickers, etc.

Early closure on June 27

Due to the inauguration of the Miss.Tic exhibition “To life, to love”, the monument will close its doors at 18 p.m. (box offices closing at 17 p.m.) and the pontifical gardens at 14 p.m. (box offices closing at 13 p.m. ). Thank you for your understanding.

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