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The Palace of the Popes is the most important building built during the Gothic period and testifies to the presence of the 9 popes who will succeed one another in Avignon during the XNUMXth century.

The visit allows you to discover the stages and construction techniques of this extraordinary building and its fabulous decorations, to understand how the temporal and spiritual power of the papacy was exercised, to meet the popes and important figures. that marked these places, to relive the cultural influence and the splendor of the papal court.

You will discover more than 20 places, including the Pope's private apartments and their fabulous fresco decorations executed by the Italian artist Matteo Giovannetti.


  • Full price: 12 €
  • Reduced rate: €10 for university students, large families, people with less than 80% disabilities (CMI Mention Priorité card), seniors over 60, people receiving RSA
  • Reduced price: €6,50 for children aged 8 – 17
  • Free: for children under 8, people with 80% or more disabilities (CMI Mention Invalidité card) + guide, Avignon residents and inhabitants of Montfavet every Sunday on presentation of proof of residence, curator-guides, journalists, job seekers on presentation of recent proof (6 months) and people from Avignon under the age of 26 who hold Pass Culture cards given by the Town Hall of Avignon

Discover the monumental residence of the sovereign pontiffs from the 1995th century, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since XNUMX and which is the largest building in the Gothic period!

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Implementation exercise of the PSBC of the Palais des Papes Tuesday February 27, 2024

The Palais des Papes will therefore be exceptionally closed to visitors until 12 p.m., and access to pedestrian traffic on the square in front of the monument will be limited.

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