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Family visit

Do you really know the Palace of the Popes in Avignon? Did you know, for example, that it is the largest Gothic palace! That it was built in just 70 years by successive Popes and that it has 25 places to visit? That it was a military barracks, a theater stage, a cultural setting hosting prestigious exhibitions? Visit the Palace with your family and enjoy a timeless moment with your children!

They'll love… Treasure hunting with the Histopad

With the Histopad digital tablet, cross the gates of time and relive the splendours of the papal court in the 3th century “as if you were there” in XNUMXD immersion! Given to each visitor at no additional cost, in compliance with the strictest health rules, this touch tablet provides a fun and interactive visit experience. For the youngest, the visit takes the form of a treasure hunt, which invites discovery: open the secret caches of a chest, lift the Pope's beautiful crockery from his sideboard, explore a table nave...Each room conceals a virtual object in which is hidden a coin minted with the effigy of the popes that must be found and collected...

Treasure hunt // Intrigue kit in the Palais des Papes

November 3, 2023-December 31, 2023
Precious works from the pontifical library have disappeared, help Urban V to unmask the culprit! This game will immerse you in 1367. The Pope himself asks you to carry out the investigation at the Palace, to discover which of the 6 suspects stole these works.

Benefit from an advantageous family rate all year round

State rooms, cloisters, private apartments of the pope decorated with priceless frescoes, the Palace of the Popes can be discovered during the visit in an unusual way thanks to the Histopad. With this tablet, go back in time and live the experience of a Palace as it was at the time of the sovereign pontiffs. An augmented reality that transports you to the heart of the history of Avignon and the world.

Palais des Papes + Pont d'Avignon: 1 adult + 2 children (8-17 years old)


Palais des Papes + Pont d'Avignon: 2 adults + 1 child (8-17 years old)


Palais des Papes + Pont d'Avignon: 2 adults + 2 children or more (8-17 years old)


Our tip

For Halloween, meet the spirits of the Palais des Papes! At the heart of the monument plunged into darkness, accompanied by real ghost hunters who will share some of their tips with you, you will have to fight against the spirits that haunt the place, lurking in the darkest corners. Magical incantations, slamming doors, turning tables, mad scientist...all the ingredients are there to make you live a unique experience full of sensations!

Focus on the guided tour: the Palace told to young and old

A guided tour specially adapted for a family audience, full of anecdotes about daily life in this grandiose castle in the time of the popes, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A discovery of the Palais des Papes for the whole family! The monument makes parents and children dream. The grown-ups are impressed by its majesty, the little ones intrigued and curious about the secrets that this very large building holds. Is it a castle, a palace, a fortress? Discover it with our mediators!

Implementation exercise of the PSBC of the Palais des Papes Tuesday February 27, 2024

The Palais des Papes will therefore be exceptionally closed to visitors until 12 p.m., and access to pedestrian traffic on the square in front of the monument will be limited.

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